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Timing Cream

What is Timing Cream ?

Several studies have shown that the average sexual intercourse timing of a man is about 14 to 18 minutes. Not generalizing it but if you too count your timing using a stopwatch, the result would be the same. But this limited time for intercourse won’t let you grow your intimacy with your partner and might leave her unsatisfied. At some point in time, you must have wondered about remedies that could help you last longer in bed. That is not just a passing thought but your body’s demand. Well, to keep you engaged in the sexual world for hours, timing or delay creams are your best companion. Premature ejaculation or limited ejaculation control is a problem with a lot of men. Investing in timing cream can solve all your problems and make your partner reach orgasm by offering you longer penetration.

Why should you use timing cream ?

The pleasure and contentment that the cream provides is beyond imagination and needs no other reason to make it worth purchasing. Even though if you’re looking for any, here are they:

  • The use of timing creams has gained popularity as it highly increases the chances of both partners reaching orgasm during sexual intercourse.
  • When you use the cream, it aids your sexual confidence by exerting a soothing and calming effect. This confidence then helps you make love to your partner for hours and satisfy her. Surprising? Try yourself by getting herbal delay cream in Pakistan.
  • Timing creams work by desensitizing the penis by numbing its tip. This reduces the over-sensitivity which reduces stimulation which results in the delayed climax.