viga 250000 Delay Spray

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viga 250000 Delay Spray

viga 250000 Delay Spray

Risks and side effects

Due to the decrease in sensitivity that the spray causes, it is possible that a person may have difficulty maintaining their erection.

As with other products on the skin, there is also a risk that it may cause:

  • irritation
  • a burning sensation
  • redness
  • itching

If swelling of the genital or anus area occurs after using a spray product, a person should discontinue their use of the product and seek medical attention.

It is important to note that any of these side effects may also affect any partners of the person using the product.

How to use

Each product is likely to have its own unique instructions and dosage recommendations.

In general, a person using a spray product will need to spray it onto the head and shaft of the penis. To allow the product to absorb, a person should apply it 5–15 minutes before engaging in sexual activity.

After intercourse or sexual activity, a person will need to wash the product off.

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Product list

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approve the use of desensitizing sprays for the penis if they meet certain criteria. For example, the spray must contain an approved, specified amount of one of two local anesthetics — lidocaine and benzocaine — as the key ingredient.

In this section, we provide a list of PE sprays that a person may wish to consider trying to delay ejaculation.

Male Genital Desensitizer Spray

The active ingredient of this product is lidocaine.

The manufacturers recommend applying between three and eight sprays — ideally, the minimum effective number — to the shaft and head of the penis.

Consumer reviews of this product are largely positive, with people stating that it helped them last longer during sexual intercourse.

The Stud 100 Male Genital Desensitizer Spray is available for purchase here.

Delay Spray

The manufacturers of this lidocaine-based spray state that it is FDA compliant.

Clinical researchTrusted Source examining the effects of this spray reports that, on average, it increased the participants’ time before ejaculation from 6.81 minutes to 11.6 minutes.

The spray is customizable to a person’s needs, so they can try applying more or less each time until they identify the amount that suits their sensitivity level.

The Promescent Delay Spray is available for purchase here.

Desensitizing Delay Spray

The manufacturers state that this product meets FDA guidelines.

As with the other products on this list, this spray contains lidocaine to desensitize the penis.

The manufacturers advise applying at least three sprays to the penis before intercourse. They also advise people not to exceed 10 sprays.

Consumer reviews of this product state that it is effective but very small.

The K-Y Duration Desensitizing Delay Spray is available for purchase here.


Sprays may provide a short-term solution for people experiencing PE. However, a person may wish to try more long-term treatments that address the underlying cause:

Sex therapy

If the reason why a person is experiencing PE is psychological, a sex therapist may be able to help. They can advise on behavioral techniques to overcome PE and provide counseling to help address any emotional issues or trauma.

Behavioral techniques

Behavioral techniques are methods that a person can practice to help delay their ejaculation.

One example is the stop-start techniqueTrusted Source, which involves a person (or their partner) stimulating their penis until they feel as though they are about to ejaculate. Before they do, they stop and let the sensation pass.

The person should repeat this process a few times before allowing ejaculation.


A doctor may prescribe medication such as selective serotonin reuptake inhibitors (SSRIs), which may help address PE.

viga 250000 Delay Spray

viga 250000 Delay Spray

viga 250000 Delay Spray

viga 250000 Delay Spray

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